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Birthdate:May 11

Rawkenr0ll (ROK-en-role) Definition:

Izzy. Expressive. Straight edge. Rock and roll. Lives in Canada. Likes public transportation and glam rock. Dislikes typos, people who take Freudian psychology too literally and pretension. Likes riding the bus with an iPod and talking about kinky sex in public. Music, you say? Favorites include but are not limited to: Voxtrot, The Strokes, Tom Waits, The Clash, Fall Out Boy, The Killers. Loves Batman, but loves Robin more. Green anarchist. Feminist. Anti-assimilationist queer. Can't live without: iPod, bus pass, the internet. Embellishes. Aiming for a major in Queer Studies. Likes new friends.

Fandoms: Bandom (Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Panic at the Disco, The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, The Used, Mindless Self Indulgence, etc) and new!Disney (High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi&Selena, the whole crew).

propaganda disseminates through the system.
fuck what you know.

Interests (115):

anarchism, anarchofeminism, androgyny, animal rights, anti-gender-roles, apple bottom jeans, babysitting, batman, big butts, big white sunglasses, bohemia, boots with the fur, bubblebutt club, chad/ryan, cities, cobras, comic books, controversy, corbin bleughhhh, costumes, cyruscest, demi in glittery dresses, demi's butch-ass lesbianism, demi/miley bucktoothed love, denying the past, dirty chucks, don't talk back, drag queens, elephants dance tiny, emo kids, environmentalism, evanscest, eyeliner, facepaint, fanfiction, feminism, fetus with the 'beetus, fic, gabe saporta, gay rights, genderfree, genderfuck, glam rock, glitter, green anarchy, hair dye, hazelnuts, head-nodding hipsters, headbands, hedonism, high fives, high school musical, html, icon making, icons, jaywalking, jj jonas, jonas brothers, jonascest, juvenile delinquency, k booty, kids, lip rings, live music, local bands, lolwuting pete, macros, mental disorders, mikeyways's hot self, miley "black woman" cyrus, miley's bitchiness, mirrored things, montreal, music, music videos, myspace, nightlife, niley, pansexuality, performing, pete/gabe/mikey, photoshop, poalz, polymorphous perversion, positive vandalism, public transportion, questioning authority, radicalism, roleplaying, shakespeare, sharkbass, sharkbass/pansy otp, sharkbasss, sharkbassss, sharpay and crayola, sharpay and ryan, shows, silver things, slash, snugglebunnies, straight edge, teen angst, the strokes, the truth, tom waits/ryan ross, transgender, voxtrot, warmer in the basement, waycest, white boys gotta shout, writing on my body, you, zefron is fuckin' buttery, ,
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